September, 2014

"Chrono Seeker" event will start on October 1st.
"saucer fulfill pack 2" released.
Location test announced.
Track listing now available.
A new song will be added tomorrow; nothing else has been revealed.
Two updates for tomorrow:
• New test to be added: L.E.D.検定
• SPECIAL chart to be added: TSAR BOMBA / L.E.D.
Three LEGGENDARIA charts have been added:
• Feel The Beat †LEGGENDARIA / Falsion
• Verflucht †LEGGENDARIA / Tyrfing
The following three Prim songs will be added tomorrow:
• †渚の小悪魔ラヴリィ~レイディオ† / 夏色ビキニのPrim
• 恋する☆宇宙戦争っ!! / Prim
• 狂イ咲ケ焔ノ華 / 覚醒ノPrim
• Site updated. MUSIC & CHARACTERS section updated.
• RESULT screenshots can now be taken.
New song to be added on Wednesday: ふな ふな ふなっしー♪~ふなっしー公式テーマソング~ / ふなっしー
New pack released: jubeat pack 3
Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
Official site launched.
Site updated. CLASS courses added to RANKING section.
New songs to be added to the REFLEC shop tomorrow:
• H.U.D.01 (BEMANI Mix) / Ryu☆
• sukha (雷龍 BEMANI Mix) / Ryu☆
Released today!
New song to be added on Thursday: Beautiful Receipt / Lucky Vacuum
"→Pia-no-jaC←『暁』 pack" released.
"→Pia-no-jaC← PACK" released.
"ハイテンションジブリ PACK 2" released.
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