February, 2016

Track previews for CD2 now available.
New songs added:
• 打打打打打打打打打打 / ヒゲドライバー feat. SELEN
• 地方創世☆チクワクティクス / 日向美ビタースイーツ♪
• SPACE VILLAGE / サイバー劇レコ
New songs added:
• よりみち♥みすてりあっ / クリスP (Sound Libero) feat.山本梨乃
• SYMPHONY FROM ZERO / winddrums
• DEVIL’s Magic / MIKOTO
11th WEEKLY RANKING song is: Dreamin Train / DJ NAGAI feat. Ayumi Nomiya
Second wave of songs for February revealed to be:
• Colors (radio edit) / dj TAKA
• Harmony and Lovely / Ryu☆
Track previews available for CD1.
New visual and jacket revealed.
Five Drops 04 -pure grape- 春日咲子 out today!
2016-02-03 · BEMANI Fan Site
CHECK! SONGS 2016 January now available.
• EXPERT MODE now available.
• 10th WEEKLY RANKING song is: SURVIVOR / SOUND HOLIC Vs. ZYTOKINE feat. Nana Takahashi
Version 4.3.0 released. Default theme changed to "colette".
LOVEマシーン will be removed on February 19th.
EXPERT MODE will be added on February 3rd.

January, 2016

Announced at KAC.
Track previews added.
Online update has been released:
• Adds February distribution songs.
• Fixes a problem relating to the screen immediately after picking a song.
• Fixes a problem with error 5-1575-0000 appearing after playing for a long time.
• Startup logos can now be skipped.
• Other minor adjustments.

On February 3rd, the following songs will be available:
• GOLD RUSH / DJ YOSHITAKA-G feat.Michael a la mode
• 電人イェーガーのテーマ(Theme of DENJIN J) / L.E.D.
• A / D.J.Amuro

February 10th and February 17th songs to be announced soon.

By the end of February there will be another update adding a song unlock event. The new event will add new songs and will also allow you to unlock songs that you have missed previously on months where you haven't played.
Release date revealed to be February 4th.
Site updated. SPECIAL and DLC sections updated.
Ability to save RESULT images added.
• Site updated. MUSIC & CHARACTERS section updated.
• Two songs added:
> チルノのパーフェクトさんすう教室
> 待チ人ハ来ズ。
• "WELCOME pop'n campaign" starts and will end on March 1st.
• "WELCOME Pack" perks for new players are available until March 1st.
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