January, 2014

New Qprogue map getting added on February 5th.
9th WEEKLY RANKING track is: Give Me Your Love / 星野奏子
8th WEEKLY RANKING track is: Critical Crystal / Ryu☆
7th WEEKLY RANKING track is: RISE / Dirty Androids
6th WEEKLY RANKING track is: esrev:eR / TAG meets "eimy"
5th WEEKLY RANKING track is: Miracle 5ympho X / USAO

December, 2013

Released today!
• "Qprogue" event starts today.
• 4th WEEKLY RANKING track is: m1dy Deluxe / m1dy
All track previews on CD1 and CD2 are now available.
LEGEND CROSS tracks from tricoro are now unlocked for everyone.
3rd WEEKLY RANKING track is: Overload Frontier / DJ Shimamura
Full track listing revealed.
WEEKLY RANKING begins with: Atröpøs / sasakure.UK

November, 2013

Site updated. RANKING section updated with CLASS courses. Judgement font customisation is now available.
CD jacket revealed.
Out now! Official website now open!

The default song list can be viewed here: http://zenius-i-vanisher.com/v5.2/gamedb.php?gameid=1469
Product page now available.
Dedicated page now available.
52nd WEEKLY RANKING song is: Timepiece phase II (CN ver.) / 佐々木博史
Teaser site open! The game will be released on November 13th!
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