August, 2015

Track listing and previews updated.
44th WEEKLY RANKING song is: 十六夜セツナ / Xceon feat.Mayumi Morinaga
• Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
• 43rd WEEKLY RANKING song is: AFRO KNUCKLE / 猫叉Master+
All track previews for CD1 are now available.

July, 2015

Track listings updated. System BGM have been given titles:
• [ ELECTRO TECH ] Back to chronos / 猫叉Master
• Site updated. NEW SONG section updated.
• 42nd WEEKLY RANKING song is: デンドロビウム / TAG
HIGH SPEED COURSE has been added.
41st WEEKLY RANKING song is: FANTASTIC THREE / ジャカルタファンクブラザーズ
• New song to be added to SUPER FUTURE 2323 tomorrow: 灼熱 Pt.2 Long Train Running / DJ Mass MAD Ism*
• Qpronicle Chord will be ending on July 28th.
• 40th WEEKLY RANKING song is: M.D.Injection / Project B-
Track listings updated.
EXPERT VOTE for the HIGH SPEED course is taking place and will end on July 21st.
Announced for release on September 16th.
Location test announced: July 10th - July 12th at Tokyo Leisure Land #2, Akihabara.
• New phase "SUPER FUTURE 2323" will be added on Friday.
• 39th WEEKLY RANKING song is: BRAVE OUT / nomico / DOWNFORCE
New beatmania IIDX location test coming soon!
38th WEEKLY RANKING song is: into the battlefield / the wandering bard

June, 2015

Tsuyudaki Campaign 2015 will continue on July 1st adding the following:
• Songs as that were part of BEMANI Ruins will become available for purchase via Frico.
• To commemorate the release of BEMANI×東方Project Ultimate MasterPieces, a Lane Cover event will start.
• Two secret courses will be added allowing "cinder" and "Gravigazer" to be unlocked: VS RHYZE SIDE P and VS RHYZE SIDE T
Chrono Chaser conditions has been eased:
• The door will now appear if you FULL COMBO any kors k song on HYPER difficulty.
• Chrono Chaser Challenge folder will have five randomly selected songs in the Lv 10-12 range.
• LOW SPEED course added to EXPERT MODE.
• 37th WEEKLY RANKING song is: Shattered control / Vivian
• Chrono Chaser Challenge folder now available.
• 36th WEEKLY RANKING song is: All is Wrecked / Destron
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