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Global Ranking for ΔMAX (Single Expert)

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Average Percentage: 86.09%

1United States of AmericaGold Dr.D world record1366100.00% VideoAAAPFC5225101102011-04-08
1United States of AmericaGold [ICNH] #15921366100.00% VideoAAAPFC5017201102014-07-17
1SingaporeGold Silverhawke1366100.00% VideoAAAPFC4799401102013-08-17
4United States of Americafoxxy-mito135499.12%AAFC422139121102011-10-30
5United States of AmericaAlex63089131496.19% PhotoAA348179421092014-02-08
6United States of Americayindesu 952,510.  something is wrong with deltamax's stepcount.  I had 4 misses in-game, but ziv says there are 110 oks, so that's only 2 boos, but it says 1 step too few.130495.46%AA359160501082011-01-16
7NetherlandsThumbsy117986.31% VideoA2451731311062014-05-24
8United States of Americadavidyko104376.35%B205139163962013-02-17
10United States of Americamelon101874.52%B187153154922011-09-22
11United States of AmericaWulfy01391967.28%B107962931102011-09-17
12United KingdomRadicalPuppy484762.01%C92113265862010-11-10
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